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Your home and office should always be secured by a strong and sturdy garage door. As garage doors are an important component of your domestic and commercial security, you should always invest in an expert team that knows what they are doing. With a do it yourself guide you might be able to install a garage door yourself as well, but you might suffer problems down the line that might not be covered in the guide.

Metro Garage Door Service Decatur, GA 404-845-7394Installing a garage door is something that only a trained individual should take care of. There are many things that can go wrong and you should only hire an expert. An untrained or inexperienced person may miss out on a lot of things, in turn doing a faulty installation. Even though you won’t realize it at the time of installation, a faulty installation will cause problems. We are experts at tackling garage door installations and you can get in touch with us for any kind of door installation.

The installation process:

Step 1: When we get a call for garage door installation, we first try to assess your basic requirements, budget and then set an appointment for a visit at your home or office.

Step 2: During our visit we will carefully take dimensions of the door, help you choose the type of door and give you a final estimate on the price.

Step 3: If you are looking for custom options, our craftsmen will craft a beautiful door based on your requirement. We can also install a pre-made door of your choice.

Step 4: In this step when all is done, only the final installation of the door is left. After the installation, we will perform frequent checks and visit your property for maintenance periodically, to make sure everything is working perfectly.