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Some of the best work we have done over the years has been for our residential clients. We have installed custom doors as well as provided timely repairs when we are called for. Our decade long relationship with our residential clients has only strengthened with time. We have been able to quickly understand and adapt to their needs so that they never need to look elsewhere when they need help. Our customers know when they call Metro Garage Door Service for residential garage door issues, they will always get the required solution and that too rapidly. Our skillful and highly educated team has the ability to take on any kind of service request that our clients in Decatur, GA may have.

An array of choices:

With Metro Garage Door Service you only get top brands and finest quality materials. We use these materials to successfully install and repair a wide range of doors. Use can use our services for installation of robust doors like steel garage doors or for the installation of cost effective and simple sectional garage doors. No matter what your need is, you can expect nothing but the best from our experts.


Metro Garage Door Service Decatur, GA 404-845-7394Like any other door at your home or office that is constantly exposed to wind, sun, rain and moisture, garage doors also face similar exposure. There are always small gaps through which rain and wind can enter the interior part of the garage and cause undesirable temperature changes. The best way to protect yourself is by installing weatherstripping for your garage doors.

Weatherstripping installation protects you from a number of external weather related issues. By tightly sealing any gaps and crevices in your garage doors, you can protect yourself from harsh temperature changes, unpredictable weather and unwanted noise. We can replace old worn-out weatherstripping as well in a single session so that you don’t have to worry about weather-related changes.