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Springs come in all sizes but form a very important part of a garage door. They are not only helpful in raising or lowering the door, they also take up most of the weight of the door. This high dependability on springs makes them prone to breakage due to constant use. Broken springs should be immediately repaired or replaced so that any kind of accident can be avoided. Call an expert service like ours and we will immediately repair and replace any old or damaged spring.

Door size and weight are the most important things that should be kept in mind while choosing springs for any garage door. Any wrong decision by an inexperienced technician may come to haunt you with dire circumstances in the near future. That is why we advise time and again to find an expert who has the right mix of knowledge, skill, and expertise. Our technicians have been in the industry for years and have worked with springs of all sizes, doors of all weights and sizes and know what spring goes best with which door. You can trust our experts to provide you the perfect solution.

We provide the best quality springs that are built to last for years and that do not break with constant use. There are many times of springs available in the market, get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best one based on your budget and requirements:

Torsion springs

Metro Garage Door Service Decatur, GA 404-845-7394Torsion springs come in a wide variety of sizes and are considered safer than extension springs. They have a unique mechanism and are more reliable. Torsion springs are mounted horizontally above the opening when you pull the door down cables attached to the bottom force the springs to wind up. When you open the door, springs unwind, transferring the energy to the door, lifting it and opening it easily. These springs last for more than 5-7 years and if properly maintained can even last for more than that.

Due to their durability and longevity, torsion springs are used in a variety of garage door types, ranging from simple residential garage doors to heavy industrial garage doors that use multiple springs. Just call us with your requirement and we will install or repair the garage door springs as per your requirements.

Extension springs

Extension springs are a cheaper option compared to torsion springs but their durability and use are widespread. It is installed above the horizontal tracks, so there are two springs that serve as counterweights. Each spring works independently even if they are calibrated for the same weight. These springs can bear enormous tension and shouldn’t be repaired by inexperienced technicians or individuals. If a spring snaps and is not backed by a cable, it can cause serious damage.

Even though extension springs are a cheaper option, they still require constant maintenance to increase their life. You can get in touch with us for maintenance, repair, and installation of springs of all kinds.